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We’re a UK agency with a wealth of experience and a diverse group of professional illustrators and animators at our fingertips, all who’ve created & delivered successful projects to commercial clients in the past. Just call or send over a brief or your first thoughts on a project you’re working on, we’ll respond with help and advice.

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Why speak to us?

Because you may avoid a long & tedious internet search, ending in frustration. Do you have the time, should you risk handing your important project over to an artist; who may not be able to meet a deadline, may not be able to understand your art direction and the really scary bit, when you need that artwork, doesn’t respond to your emails, your calls, your texts, your screams!

We are fully aware of how many amazing artists there are out there and we completely encourage reaching out and finding new things. We are just saying we have a carefully constructed selection process and that the artists we represent have a proven sense of responsibility and duty to perform. They have attained and maintain a consistent high standard of work throughout their portfolio and have exceptional talent in their field. We are offering you a safety net, support and consultation, constructed from years of experience and for those times when you do step out alone, we are here too. Just contact us and we’ll do our best to catch you!

Private View is one of the most successful art and illustration agencies based in the U.K. and the only one powered completely by solar, with over 20 years experience of delivering outstanding art, illustration, animation and advice to clients around the World in the advertising, design & publishing industries. Our selective international roster of contemporary artists are ready to deliver original artwork of the highest quality to your technical & creative brief, on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on our friendly approach & our personal relationships with our artists & clients and bring a wealth of knowledge & experience of project management to every commission.

How it all began… hmmm let me think, I saw a picture of an elephant standing on top of the world and a man swallowing a light bulb. Wonderful pictures by Emma Parker a young Royal College of Art graduate, whose work electrified me. I must start however with John Icke, a bearded art teacher in sandals who looked like a cross between John Lennon and Jesus, he was the first person after my Mother to encourage an awkward displaced boy to make pictures and who gave him a book called Private View, the inspiration for where you are now! The book let you into a personal world, beyond the artwork and into the lives of the artists, like Barbara Hepworth walking along the beach at her home in St.Ives finding inspiration in the cliffs and David Hockney as he too stepped out of the RCA, but in a rather spectacular gold jacket.

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth

David Hockney

David Hockney

Private View has employed many people since since the beginning in 1993. Francis Chapel who energized herself from a little tin of almonds and who had a great technique of writing her lists in pencil and then rubbing them out and overwriting completed tasks, moved on to set up Synergy Art.  Helen Cowley, whose head was full of audio bites, love and raw Northern ambition, after a brief stint at Heart Agency quickly established Dutch Uncle. And more recently Imogen Coker, a rough cut diamond who moved on the explore Guatemalan Art as a post-graduate in Cambridge; and needing no introduction an exceptional man who has touched all who have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of his time, Eddy Butcher (who if you don’t know, is my brother) a spiritual visionary who lives as most of us can only dream.

I am Jonathan (Jonny) Butcher the gate keeper and we will exist in many forms searching out new and exciting art. It is up to you to use this art in original ways. Without you there is no us and without art there are no new beginnings!

We have done a lot of great work, drill into our pages for a look, but we want to do so much more, lets cut out the chatter and hit the retina, lets shoot bright colours and lights into every dark corner of our forgiving planet!!

Jonathans hand

When I was taking risks and living dangerously ‘so much older and wiser now!