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London, UK

Lucia was born in Italy in a town called Treviso near Venice ‘surrounded by beautiful landscapes and constantly breathing the…


Lucia was born in Italy in a town called Treviso near Venice ‘surrounded by beautiful landscapes and constantly breathing the scent of a glorious artistic heritage’. Drawing has always been Lucia’s passion as long as she can remember.

Lucia has lived in London for the past 3 years, where she is establishing herself as a ‘live window artist’. Lucia has completed many, very successful live window drawing projects, creating live window art on the interior and exterior of shops, bars and office windows around London. These live events create great excitement and draw attention to the shop, business, company or agency during the live drawing creation and then for the lifetime of the live window display.

Each live drawing design is hand tailored to the clients specific brief. Lucia produces rough sketches of the proposed live window art designs for client presentation and approval, before the artwork is applied to the window, using Posca pens in many colours.

The live window drawing process can be completed within a day or over a several days, depending on the scale of the project. The event creates real public interest and focuses the whole organisation on their unique and specific goals, targets, brands and products. Working with a live window artist is not just about promotion to an external audience, it is a way to illustrate core values and missions internally and create a strong sense of value and belonging internally too.

It is always good to meet on site prior to production of the Live Window Display, to discuss each projects unique nature, take measurements and consider location and any hurdles to overcome.

Lucia has a lovely personality and a very creative mind, she is a most professional and imaginative live wind artist with a wealth of experience at delivering a Live Window Display that will exceed a clients expectations and put a smile of the faces of everyone who sees her work as well as drawing the eyes and minds to a specific key message that is pre planned by a strong creative team.

Here are some links to other Live Window art events that I thought may be of interest created by other artists creating live window drawing:
Swarovski has unveiled its latest campaign which will see a ‘live’ transformation of the Regent Street flagship store as the windows are commandeered by illustrative duo Good Wives and Warriors


Empty Shop is a non profit arts organisation in the North East of England. They formed in 2008 with the idea to provide a much needed and accessible platform for artists of all levels and backgrounds to produce exhibit and engage with art.

Jayoon Choi is an illustrator who draws tiny images of people in their everyday life. Here she draws on the Heal’s window displays in London Tottenham Court Road.

Live window drawing event for SuperSuperficial
Collaboration between the Window Collective
Posca on glass, filming and video editing by Shannon Ashley

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Live Window Display

Earlier this summer Emma Block created a unique live window illustration for Southgate’s Claud W Dennis cafe, which you can see in progress below.



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