Hanna Melin

London, UK

Hanna Melin was born in Sweden. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, 2004, after finishing an MA…


Hanna Melin was born in Sweden. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, 2004, after finishing an MA in Visual Communication.

Hanna now works and lives in East London as an illustrator and maker. She sells her “Banana man” badges and “Memories” prints in galleries and online shops throughout the world.

She enjoys doing little drawings, that later becomes T-shirt or bedding designs, mugs or wrapping paper.

The Guardian, The NY Times, Nokia, Halifax, Aviva, PC World, Louis Vuitton and Volkswagen are all clients from Hanna’s editorial work.

A lot of Hanna’s editorial commissions involve finding humor in day to day life. A very important element in life!

http://www.hannamelin.com/ http://www.eastendprints.co.uk/artist/19721/Hanna_Melin http://www.allthingsoriginal.com/sellers/hanna_melin/shop/ http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/hannamelin

Latest blog post

  • Editorial piece, Architecure Journal

    Hanna Melin created the cover for January issue of Architecture Journal. The image is Le Corbusier painting naked.

  • Stickers for “Flow”

    Hanna Melin creates a set of stickers for French magazine “Flow”

  • Future Retail Illustration

    Hanna Melin created the poster image for Crown Estates competition for architects, “Future Retail”.

  • Amifa Washi tape

    Hanna Melin was recently comissioned to submit her “Cat with Glasses” design for Japanese tape company Amifa.

  • Pests by Hanna Melin

    Illustrated an article by Jane Owen about an unusual way to deal with pests in your garden last week.

  • Cats!

    Cat with glasses image just finished, happy weekend!

  • OH Deer!

    Hanna Melin has just been announced the winner of online interior design company “Oh Deer!” competition to design her own… Read more

  • Design is not a Barcelona Chair

    Hanna Melin created this illustration for AJ, “Design is not a Barcelona Chair” (or how the hell are we going… Read more

  • Refugee Week Poster

    Hanna Melin created the poster for this year Refugee Week. The aim with the campaign is to highlight the fact… Read more

Making the grade


  • Halifax Golden 50

    Hanna Melin’s illustrations provide the fantasy World in which Halifax’s Howard gets to act very badly indeed

  • VW Fleet Christmas Card

    Hanna Melin made the animation for this animated Christmas Card. The scene is the Christmas Office Party, where anything can… Read more


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