Cristian Eres

Valencia, Spain

Cristian Eres is a graphic designer & digital artist based in Valencia, Spain. He graduated with a degree in graphic…


Cristian Eres is a graphic designer & digital artist based in Valencia, Spain. He graduated with a degree in graphic design and he’s a member of the digital art collectives Depthcore & The Luminarium.

Cristian Eres aims to create a recognizable style while keeping it versatile: He creates organic, fluid and dynamic shapes using colorful gradients which give a natural and unique ambience. His work is inspired by surrealism, nature and abstract sculpture. He adapts his style into illustrated typography, surreal landscapes, animals, portraits and any other content with success.

Latest blog post

  • Despktopography 2015

    I’ve participated in the Desktopography 2015 exhibition. It’s an annual exhibition where each illustrator submits a wallpaper inspired by nature…. Read more

  • Depth

    This is my submission to Depth, the 26th exhibition of the art group “The Luminarium”.

  • 36 Days of type

    It’s been a while since I published my last project, I’m preparing a big project that will be published soon…. Read more

  • News

    I’ve participated in the “Hello Future! Talent’s Archive” project #hellofuturearchive: (more information here: Here is the video with my… Read more

  • Desktopography 2014

    Check the 2014 despkotography exhibition with over 100 wallpapers. Here my contribution:

  • New Depthcore Exhibition

    I’ve done a tribute to Rafael Alberti, a Spanish poet. Submitted to Tempo, the 3rd lab of the art collective… Read more

  • Pattern

    New personal project, a pattern! Check the full project here:

  • New collab project: Jaibanás

    I’ve done a collaboration project with Victor Comics about Jaibanás tribes. Check it on Behance: Thanks!

  • New projects

    Check the last two projects I’ve done: First one is a submission to Kibernetik, the 23rd exhibition of the art… Read more

  • Depthcore lab: CULT

    I’m happy to announce that the depthcore collective have just released Cult, the second lab with 28 awesome submissions. I’ve… Read more

  • Working on two cool projects.

    Hello! I’m glad to join the Private View Team. It’s a pleasure to meet so many talented people. 😉 Currently… Read more

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