• A little behind the first wave of hype but a new Who deserves new Who artwork. Here’s my take on everyone’s favourite timelord (all of them!)
  • 'Fury From the Tomb – Cover Artwork' by Think Strange

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    Cover art for S.A. Sidor’s Horror-Adventure-Western ‘Fury From the Tomb’. The brief here came all the way down from the author himself where he requested for something that looked like Indiana Jones crossed with Sergio Leone.

  • 'Burn – Sons of Kemet album cover' by Think Strange

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    The Sons of Kemet have rapidly become known as quite the band to watch on the free Jazz scene over the last few years. The combination of two drummers, tuba and sax/clarinet is something truly electrifying to experience live and crosses a multitude of musical styles and genres.

    The central pyramid motif here was my own take on the ancient structures not just of Egypt but also found throughout the Middle East. Borrowing heavily from both the FRITZ LANG and RINTARO versions of Metropolis the aim was to present the entire city as one giant structure which here is built predominantly of buildings found around London.

  • 'The Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Come Find Yourself 20th Anniversary tour artwork' by Think Strange

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    The Fun Lovin’ Criminals are about to celebrate 20 years since the release of their debut album ‘Come Find Yourself’ by going on tour throughout 2016. To help spread the word I was asked to provide some artwork recreating the original album cover but with the current line up as they look twenty years on from the original photo.

  • 'Stalker – Alternative Movie Poster' by Think Strange

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    The website FilmDoo have been running a creativity competition to design a poster for any film you like. This seemed like way too good an opportunity top pass up. A few films sprung to mind almost immediately but it became very clear very quickly that I just had to try and throw something together for ANDREI TARKOVSKY’S absolutely stunning sci-fi masterpiece Stalker. A film that has both mystified me and inspired ever since the first viewing and one I regularly try to catch on big screen whenever I can.

  • 'Hitchcock Cluedo Selection' by Think Strange

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  • 'Night of the Furies – Speak No Evil gig poster' by Think Strange

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    Following on the success of the ‘Night of the Three Headed Beast’ the three main bands involved decided to put on a follow up gig. This time the venue was The Macbeth in London’s insufferably hip area of Hoxton.

    Taking a cue from the bard himself the name of the night was intended as a sly reference to the three witches that kick off the opening act of Macbeth. Once again I stole elements from the visual style of each band, The dark glasses and high collared jacket from Georges Kaplan Presents…, the skull and wings from JB Newman & The Black Letter Band and the roses from Black Hay to produce an image that is hopefully both visually striking and uncannily eerie.

  • Since his creation in 1939 Batman has always done his best crime fighting from the pages of ‘Detective Comics’. I decided it were high time to picture him in as the classic world wearied Hard-Boiled detective of the 40s Pulp Fiction novels.

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