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Manchester, UK

I was born in 1976, which you assume would make me a responsible and mature adult by now. I grew…


I was born in 1976, which you assume would make me a responsible and mature adult by now.

I grew up in the green hills of Kent surviving on a diet of pirate radio, Hammer Horror and Sci Fi ‘B’ movies. I studied a BA in Fine Art and developed a passion for sketchbooks and getting my hands dirty.

After a couple of years as the brooding painter, I began teaching Art and Design in Telford at a technology college. Four years later I found myself looking to rediscover my own creative passions and studied an MA in Design and Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan.

It was here that I began my affair with silk screen printing and the Mac. Juxtaposing my analog skills with my digital experiments, I came to realize that good design was the result of finding balance between technique and technology.

Leaving University I continued to draw, paint and print into a freelance career. I became the Art Director for a club called freak! and produced illustrations for the music industry. Since then I have moved to the sunny beaches of Australia and continue to freelance and exhibit work in Sydney and London.

Recent clients and publications have included:
Brahma Beer
Computer Arts Magazine
IdN Magazine
Vice Magazine
Don’t Panic!
Financial Times

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