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Property Week – The New Tech Bubble

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Olivia Wise


Blind Willie Johnson

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Light Bytes event

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My Hot Rum Cow illustration just keeps going! This time it’s up against the big boys for the cover of… Read more

Lets cut out the chatter and hit the retina, lets shoot bright colours and lights into every dark corner of our forgiving planet. If we continue to burn oil, pump toxic gas into our unique atmosphere and pour acid and pollution into our pure clear oceans, everything we have built, will have been for nothing. When you get to the top, if you have destroyed the beautiful view, then there was no point at all in climbing so high and you definitely won’t get there in a car. God gave us legs to walk and run and we can travel around the world now with our eyes and journey no further than our local communities, that we could learn to nurture and trust again!

Art, illustration, photography, animation, film and video are essential for the survival of the human race. Through art we can change peoples thoughts and ideas and create a global trend to repair the damage we have done over the past 139 years.

Over the past decade there has been an explosion in the number of freelance illustrators and creatives establishing themselves as independents. Back in the 90’s graphic design became one of the most fashionable career paths to take and the compass was pointing towards media studies. This has resulted in a boom of illustrators and creative graduates and the number of illustration agencies representing them. Very much like the bigger question of sustainability, it remains to be seen if we can find work for all of this remarkable and exceptional talent. With the erosion of the traditional advertising medium being posters and press for more online endorsements by the likes of Zoella the traditional illustration agency needs to look more to collaboration. This illustration agency is changing and we are excited by what is happening. We may not even exist as an illustration agency in the future. The term Agency means the choice of an individual to act and engage with society. How that person acts is changing as society changes. The decision of a human to act as an agent is personal. An awareness of the consequences of these actions should have a moral foundation. I have always made decisions with the intention of producing a positive and productive reaction. I hope that this goes beyond the immediate creation of an illustration or piece of art. I want to change our future in a positive way. When you look back at contemporary history, mankind is clearly a destructive force. The destruction of the North American Indians, who understood the balance of nature, only taking what they needed, is a good example of progression without vision or understanding. It is easy to see this pattern being repeated many times. Artists need to be empowered and supported in ways that have far reaching impact on the future. Without art Earth would just be Eh. We need to find ways to give the best of these imaginative and talented people a voice, so that their vision will have a big impact on mankind. The exiting monetary structure of our society is not supporting a sustainable future, it is stuck on petroleum, plastics and gas. Wealth does not seem to bring wisdom and humanity, it just seems to bring excess and greed. This illustration agency is now supporting a new wave of independent artist and I am uncertain of their future. The word illustration comes from the Latin word illstra’tio or illu’stro meaning enlighten, irradiate. Illustration brings light and awareness. I carry the light. I am looking for new ways to share the light and the voice and the beauty and the vision of these new illustrators. I want to collaborate with people who share this passion for art and believe in its power. I want to change the way people see things and the way people act and behave and open their eyes. Bring me a worthy project that is about paint and pencils and ink and colours and purpose and improvement and you will see passion and dedication to push through and idea without compromise, that will stop people, make them look and our world will turn a little closer towards the light and the knowledge will be shared and there will be enlightenment.